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Private, Exclusive, Customizable Maui Jeep Tours

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The Road to Hana is much more than a scenic drive with views of beautiful coastline and jungle landscapes. We offer a few Hana tour options to fit all your adventure needs! Book Online and Save 5% – at checkout enter Promo Code: ALOHA5

Reverse Hana Road
Loop Private Tour - MOST POPULAR
  • $495/person
  • Up to 4 Guests**
  • 11-12 hours
  • Two Guest Minimum
*Clockwise route also available
**4th guest will have a middle seat
Classic Road To Hana
Private Tour
  • $445/person
  • Up to 4 Guests**
  • 10-11 hours
  • Two Guest Minimum
**4th guest will have a middle seat
Halfway to Hana
Private Tour
  • $395/person
  • Up to 4 Guests**
  • 6-8 hours
  • Two Guest Minimum
**4th guest will have a middle seat
New Tours!

We recently added a new Jeep Wagoneer to our fleet of vehicles. With all leather, three-row seating for up to 7 guests, plus a three-pane glass sunroof, we now can offer a full view of Maui’s natural beauty from inside a luxurious Jeep.

Halfway to Hana Private Tour
  • $1545
  • Up to 7 guests***
  • 6-8 Hours
  • No Guest Minimum
***6th & 7th guests will have middle seats
Iao Valley & Upcountry Private Tour
  • $1695
  • Up to 7 guests***
  • 8-9 Hours
  • No Guest Minimum
***6th & 7th guests will have middle seats
Classic Road to Hana Private Tour
  • $1795
  • Up to 7 guests***
  • 10-11 Hours
  • No Guest Minimum
***6th & 7th guests will have middle seats

5 Reasons to Go with Hoaloha

Jeeps are Convertible

Have a full sensory experience as you soak up the sounds and feelings of Maui.

Guides are local

Discover Maui through the eyes of a local. We'll share with you some exclusive locations only accessible to our tours.

Travel at your own pace

Stay as long or as little as you like at each location. Your guide will help you make the most of your tour.

Go in private

Just your group on this private tour. Caravan options available for larger groups.

We pick you up

No additional cost for us to pick you up at your hotel, vacation rental, or cruise ship harbor.

welcome to hoaloha jeep adventures on maui

Are you considering a trip to Maui? We believe that our private Maui Jeep tours will give you a new-found admiration for the island and its history. Our tours provide a customizable and immersive experience that allows you to discover Maui and its secret gems at your own speed.

With beautiful locations—such as the coastline to Hana, the volcanic landscape in the West Maui Mountains, and the towering expanse of Haleakala—there’s something for every type of traveler. Our Jeeps comfortably seat two to four passengers, and we can accommodate larger groups as well, by taking more than one Jeep and caravanning together. This is one of our guests’ favorite ways to travel! Check out our private Maui Jeep tours for your next vacation!

From the moment you arrive to the last day of your vacation, our Maui Jeep Tours can take you wherever you want to go while prioritizing your enjoyment AND your safety. No need to go on crowded bus tours with a bunch of strangers! No need to be restricted to a tour company’s specific schedule – choose your own adventure!

By booking a private Maui Jeep tour, you get to explore the best of Maui at your own pace. Take your time at each stop so you can appreciate the full experience without feeling rushed. Your local guide will fill you in on the history and the stories of each location you visit, giving you a new perspective and deeper insights on the Island of Maui.

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Maui Jeep Adventure Tours

Maui, also known as the Valley Isle, is the perfect vacation getaway. It has something for everyone! We have white and black sand beaches where you can spend the whole day swimming, or simply relaxing and soaking up the sun’s rays. If you prefer inland, the forests and mountains of Maui are beckoning. Go hiking up majestic Mount Haleakala or exploring the various climates of the West Maui Mountains.

Enhance your overall Maui experience by taking a Maui Jeep tour! Unlike the typical tour where you will hit only the most popular and touristy locations, you will also be discovering the hidden gems of the island through the eyes of a local. Exploring the Valley Isle is so much better in a private Jeep! You can cruise down the highway, wind in your hair as you take in the breathtaking ocean views and the majestic mountainsides in a full-spectrum, 360 degree and sensory experience!

If you’re looking to explore Maui without having to worry about transportation, or your and your group’s safety, look no further than HOALOHA JEEP ADVENTURES and book your tour today!

Our personalized, private tours will show you all the hidden gems of Maui

Maui houses many beautiful, secret spots that you can’t otherwise reach on your own. At Hoaloha Jeep Adventures, we prioritize your safety and comfort while helping you discover these unique and beautiful places. We are committed to bringing you a pleasant and worry-free experience.

Hoaloha guides will always drive in a courteous and careful manner. We avoid private property, sacred and no trespassing locations. Along the way, we strive to educate you about Maui’s ecosystem, as well as sensitive cultural issues. You will also have the opportunity to support local businesses, such as restaurants, gift shops, roadside stands and local artists.

We are Social

welcome to hoaloha jeep adventures on maui