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  • December 8, 2020

Best of Maui – In A Jeep Private Tour

Updated: February 20, 2022

If you are wondering how to explore the best of Maui, then look no further. At Hoaloha Jeep Adventures, we have the answer; there is no better way to explore Maui than by doing it in a Jeep.

You might wonder why we feel so confident about this? With Marcus, the owner of Hoaloha Jeep Adventures, family heritage firmly planted in Oahu’s North Shore soil, we know and are passionate about Maui.

When we then say that an escorted Jeep tour will give you the best experience of Maui, then you can believe us. Who wouldn’t want to sit back, relax, and listen to the birds singing, waterfalls roaring, and the smell of the fresh jungle or ocean air while the wind blow through your hair?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should book a tour with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures and what we promise you on this tour.

Four Reasons To Tour With Us

We believe that our Jeep tours are the best because we take you anywhere, we venture off the beaten path, you are on a private tour, and we do things at your pace.

We Take You Anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are staying in Maui; we will come and pick you up for the start of your tour. In one of our convertible Jeeps, with the wind blowing through your hair, let the adventure begin.

Venture Off The Beaten Path

How else will you explore the best of Maui if we do not venture off the beaten path? Some of Maui’s hidden gems are located in places that are not accessible when driving on a tour bus. In our Jeep’s we can go almost anywhere.

Go In Private

There are no big groups or being stuck on a tour bus. With only two of four people, your people. You have the opportunity to explore the wonders of Maui with your loved ones. We do not share rides.

Travel At Your Own Pace

We allow you the opportunity to say as long as you like at each location. This is your tour, and our guides are experienced in making sure that you get the most out of this experience.

Our Promises To You

In every tour that we undertake, we make three promises to our clients. In keeping these three promises, we ensure that you experience the best of Maui safely and comfortably.

We promise:

  • That your safety is our number one priority, we ensure that you and everyone on the road with us will have a safe experience.
  • That your comfort is critical for us, we ensure that you will fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and historical significance of the tour in comfort.
  • That you will enjoy this tour, we believe that you will only enjoy the tour if you feel safe and comfortable, and this we cover in our first two promises.

Give us a call today if you want to experience the best of Maui in the best way possible. The Jeep way!

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