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  • August 20, 2020

Haleakala Sunset Tours – The Best way to see Maui

Updated: February 20, 2022

Tourists who love vacationing in the beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii, are always on the lookout for amazing tours. The full tropical experience. Haleakala Sunset tours are one f the favorites amongst tourists, especially those who love a quiet, peaceful but, rewarding travel experience. 

Places to See

Haleakala is a stunning volcano right in Maui, forming about 75% of the entire island. Little wonder why it is the top source of scenery for tourists in the area. From visits to the Kula Lodge Marketplace as you ascend the Haleakala slopes, to the serene and breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, the Haleakala Sunset Tour gives you a chance to reflect and take in the beauty of nature away from all the noise. What’s more? You can purchase many locally-made art and crafts pieces in the Kula Marketplace at little cost.

This tour also offers a 7,000ft elevated view of the Haleakala Ranger Station. Which doubles as an incredible backdrop for those beautiful vacation pictures we all love to take. You will experience the 9,740ft crater view at the visitor center, also, in Haleakala. 

The Haleakala Sunset Tour gives you a magnificent view of the sunset from the top of the edifice. Just when you think nothing could be as beautiful, you are met with the stunning views of Maui’s lowlands as you make your descent. Tourists travel from all over the world to be a part of the Haleakala Sunset Tour as it is the best and most rewarding way to have a full, unadulterated view of the island. 

This tour adds complimentary rides from your accommodation to the great locations and back. There is a full itinerary of scenic locations carefully curated to meet the needs of all tourists. All stops are pulled out when planning these tours as it is handled by locals of the area; hence, tourists are always 100% satisfied in the end. Pickup from hotels is usually around 1:30 pm to give you enough time to get ready and return by 10pm after a day filled with amazing activities. Dinner with fantastic meal options to choose from is also added to the tour package so, you will not have to bother about what to eat when you return to your hotel, exhausted. 

Tips to Enjoy the Haleakala Sunset Tour

These tips will help you get the best experience during your time in Maui.

  • Pack a lot of warm clothes as the temperature around the island is known to fluctuate.
  • This tour covers high altitudes. We suggest that you consult your doctor before joining the trip to get an all-clear. Especially if you have heart problems,  breathing problems, back problems or you are pregnant. 
  • If you went on a scuba diving tour on arrival on the island, you should wait at least 72 hours before joining the Haleakala Sunset Tour due to the altitude changes.

For cancellations, be sure to give a 48hr notice to get a complete refund. 

Haleakala Sunset Tours is the best way to see Maui. We at Hoaloha Jeep Adventures have expert tour guides that will show you all the treasures that Maui can offer you. What are you waiting for? Start booking today!

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