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  • March 14, 2022

How long is the Road to Hana?

Updated: February 25, 2022

The famed Hana highway is 103.6 kilometers long or 64.4 miles long. This long stretch of road connects Kahului to the peaceful town of Hana in east Maui. The road also continues to Kipahulu as Hawaii Route 31. However, many consider this route the back road to Hana and is not very ideal for cars to drive through, at least according to many rental car companies. But this is mainly because going through here will void most rental car companies’ terms. So if you’re doing the drive yourself, keep that in mind and stick to the main Hana highway.  

How long is the Road to Hana going to take?

The Road to Hana will take you up to a total of 10 to 12 hours of driving. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? If you plan to do your driving, it’s best if the Hana Highway drive is the only thing you plan to do for that day. Because if you try to fit in another activity after this, like a luau, you might find yourself face down asleep in your food by 8 in the evening! Besides, the whole trip provides enough attractions and activities to keep you occupied for the entire day.

However, driving to Hana down this highway without any stops can only take you 2-3 hours tops. It’s the stops that you make that will take up time. But like we always say, it’s always worth it. 

Challenges on the Road to Hana

If you’re renting a car and doing the driving, then it is very likely that you will miss the beautiful views you can witness from the road. Maui is a lovely tropical county, and pretty views abound wherever you look. But road safety is important, and as the driver, you must keep your eyes on the road. Moreover, the Hana highway has plenty of hairpin turns and one-lane roads, so caution is advised for all drivers. 

Another thing is that many visitors who do their driving tend to be in a hurry. The speed limit for the road to Hana is 25 mph, more or less. And we’re sure that you’re used to mainland driving. But this limit is set for the safety of all road users. So learning Road to Hana etiquette is a must if you’re driving yourself. Here are some:

  • Let others pass you – tourists are not the only people using this road. Some locals also use it to get to work. So find a safe spot to pull off the road and let the faster cars through. You will be doing a lot of slowing down and stopping during your drive, which can be frustrating for others.
  • Do not trespass – don’t anger the locals by walking through their backyards, no matter how beautiful it looks. So if you don’t think you should go there, trust that feeling and just avoid it.
  • Leave nothing but aloha – Maui is serious about keeping their island clean. So make sure that you don’t leave trash anywhere. If you can’t find a trash bin, take it with you until you find one. It won’t hurt to keep the place clean as the locals do.

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We hope this answers your questions like how long is the Road to Hana and how long it takes to drive it. The Road to Hana is an amazing experience, one that you should enjoy fully without stressing about driving. So why not make the most of it by going on a private jeep tour with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures? Our local guides can show you not only the popular spots but also hidden gems of Maui. Take a look at our Hana tours here.

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