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  • March 21, 2022

Local traveling on Maui

Updated: February 25, 2022

In Maui, locals get around the island in many ways. There are taxis, public buses, and even rideshares. Rental car companies also abound and even rental bikes. So there are many options for local traveling on Maui. And if you’re a tourist who wants to do as the locals do, then there are also plenty of places and activities you can visit that only the locals know.

Want to know these secret places? Check them out below!

Sacred Garden of Maliko

The Sacred Garden of Maliko is a picturesque indoor garden located outside of Makawao. It’s well away from the bustling tourist centers, so if you want to take a break from all the sightseeing and visiting, you can make a detour for this spot. You will appreciate the peace and serenity you get from the surrounding greenery. This huge greenhouse houses a variety of plants; there are also garden spots with seating areas, living shrines, and fairy gardens. However, the highlights of this place are the two labyrinths, for indoors and out, that you can explore to get in touch with your spiritual side. There’s also a gift shop, so you can pick a trinket or two to commemorate the visit.  

Paako Cove

Also known among the locals as the “Secret Cove,” this scenic stretch of beach is the perfect place to relax or maybe take unforgettable photos of your time spent local traveling on Maui. This intimate beach setting is backed by a rock wall and palm trees on the southwestern edge of Maui. If you want to visit the Paako Cove, it’s located on Kihei at Makena Alanui. Keep your eyes peeled for a stone wall with a doorway and a small beach-access sign. This inconspicuous entrance is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot.

Waioka Pond

This place, also known as the Venus Pool, is another local secret found in eastern Maui. It’s a stunning natural pool surrounded by a rugged coastline by the beach and tall cliffs inland. This spot is even popular for adventurers that love to hike and climb but can be quite dangerous for most visitors. There are trails above the cliffs that provide a gorgeous view of the pond and its surroundings. Cliff jumping is also quite popular up on the high ledges. If you want to try that out, make sure to swim in the jump area to avoid sharp rocks.

First Friday parties on Maui

Maui locals love their parties! On Fridays, many towns in Maui host fun block parties that reflect the unique culture of their place. Anyone is welcome to join these parties, even your dog! You can sample their delicious local cuisine and listen to live music. These parties each hold something such as beer gardens or samplings from local restaurants, works from local galleries, and many others. These parties are the best idea if you genuinely want to do as the locals do.

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