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  • February 1, 2022

Essential Items To Bring For Your Maui Sightseeing

Updated: February 20, 2022

Are you excited about your Maui sightseeing trip? Don’t forget to bring these essentials to ensure that your trip is as fun and as hassle-free as it could be. Make room in your luggage for these items.

Hiking shoes or sandals

When going Maui sightseeing, expect a lot of walking and hiking. While most trails you encounter are regular dirt trails, there might be some slippery places too. So to avoid an accident, make sure you’re equipped for safety. Hiking shoes or sandals give you more traction than regular ones so that you won’t slip and possibly get a concussion. However, there are some hiking spots where you would rather wear shoes than sandals. For instance, the Waianapanapa State Park has some old lava flows you will be hiking across. Even a speck of lava rock can be painfully sharp, so it’s best to be protected. If you want to make sure, check your itinerary or ask your guide (if you’re getting one) about the places you’ll be going.

Layers of clothes

Yes, Maui is usually warm during the day. However, evenings and a few high-altitude spots are a different story. So instead of packing just light flower printed shirts and board shorts, you’ll need to make sure that you’re well-packed for different temperatures. Add some jackets, pants, and socks if you’re planning to go to the Haleakala in the early morning or evening. You wouldn’t want to be shivering while witnessing the beautiful sunrise or sunset at the summit. The upcountry region is also cooler than the lower valleys, so if you plan to visit that part of the island for some Maui sightseeing, layers of clothes are a must.

Reef-safe Sunscreen 

What’s a Maui trip without enjoying the beach, right? Just be sure that you have skin protection on! Reef-safe sunscreen is your best bet when looking for something topical. Mineral sunscreens don’t contain harmful chemicals that endanger Maui’s marine life. Moreover, there’s a sunscreen ban in Hawaii. Chemical sunscreens are banned, to be exact. Maui county will be making it law that the sale and use of non-mineral sunscreen will no longer be allowed. 

Waterproof phone case

The underwater life in the waters of Maui is a vibrant one, so it would be a shame not to capture it! And you don’t have to splurge on an expensive waterproof or underwater camera for it. You can get an affordable waterproof phone case instead to protect your phone from water. With some phone cases, though, the touchscreen won’t work with it; however, some models are touchscreen-friendly. You can also get a float attachment as an extra precaution if you accidentally drop or let go of your phone.  

Food and water

These two are always a must!! Fight dehydration and those pangs of hunger during your Maui sightseeing. Bring a gallon jug of water with you as a water supply for your water bottle if you’re renting a car. And to make sure that you don’t run out of energy during the day, load up on snacks.

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