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  • September 21, 2021

6 More Things You Must Do In Maui

Updated: February 20, 2022

Visited Maui a thousand times and want new adventures? Worry not because there are many fun things the island offers that you may not even know about yet! So let us help you out and check out our list of things you must do in Maui.

Things You Must Do On Maui!

The island of Maui is geographically diverse. While Hawaii might make you typically think of the oceans and beaches, the state also boasts some beautiful mountains and valleys. Which makes Maui an excellent place to do a lot of stuff, be it on land or in the waters. So here are a few suggestions on things you must do in Maui.

Learn to surf

You can still learn new things even while on vacation! So if you like to experience the waters in a fun way, learn how to surf! Some beaches in Maui are perfect for surfing, with big strong waves you can ride. Or fumble at first if you’re still a beginner. Either way, you’ll definitely enjoy surfing the waves. And maybe get a nice tan while you’re at it.

Hike in a bamboo forest

Hiking up mountain trails and forests is a popular activity in Maui too. For example, Mount Haleakala has several hiking trails, being surrounded by dense rainforests. And in one of these trails, the Pipiwai trail, hides a beautiful bamboo forest where you can cool off and rest after traversing through the rainforest. And if you hike a little farther beyond, you’ll come across another hidden gem: the impressive 400 ft. Waimoku Falls.

Drive around the West Maui Mountains

Another must do in Maui is to go driving around the West Maui Mountains! Of course, we all know that the road to Hana is a famous drive. But the West Maui Mountains sport some fantastic views and hidden beauties as well. Plus, the contrast of high cliffs and the glittering deep blue ocean views are to stun you and your family or friends. And you can make a stop at one of the many fruit stands and get a taste of the delicious Maui gold pineapple.

Visit the cowboy town of Makawao

Did you know there are cowboys in Maui too? Visit the Upcountry region, and there you’ll come across the charming town of Makawao where the paniolo or Hawaiian cowboys abound. And If you happen to visit the place in the first week of July, you wouldn’t want to miss their annual Makawao Rodeo that has been a tradition for 50 years. But aside from cowboys, you’ll find that the town also has a thriving artistic community, with several shops, art galleries, and boutiques you can visit.

Go fishing

What’s plenty in Maui? The sea! What’s in the sea? Fishes! So why not try catching some? There are many options for fishing in Maui, whatever you may be into. You can go spearfishing, throw net fishing, sport fishing, or bottom fishing. Or if you prefer the peaceful kind, good old pole fishing from the beach. Wouldn’t it be great to catch your dinner fresh from the sea? There’s plenty of guided fishing tours available.

Culture and food at Paia town

You might have heard of Paia town, maybe even passed by it if you’ve done the Road to Hana adventure. It’s the last town you encounter before the famed highway. But did you know that this quaint little town is worth a stop too, and not just for gas? This hippie-surf town has its charming perks, like restaurants, art galleries, local shops. Listen to live music at a local saloon or watch the surfers catch the waves. Checking out Paia town is definitely one of the things you must do in Maui.

Must do in Maui - Hoaloha Jeep Adventures

Maui may be a small island in Hawaii, but you’ll discover there’s still a lot of stuff to discover. Things and places that locals only know about and are worth checking out. Next time you visit Maui, why not let a local drive you around and show you stuff you wouldn’t otherwise know? Like the local tour guides from Hoaloha Jeep Adventures, you can find out more activities you must do in Maui. Book a tour today!

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