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  • February 5, 2021

Planning the Perfect Vacation on Maui

Updated: February 20, 2022

Planning a vacation on Maui is exciting — and can feel a little overwhelming, as there is so much to plan! Finding the right airfare, locating the right lodging, and deciding on what activities to do can all feel like monumental tasks. On Maui, there is no shortage of these options. Where to begin?

As a first time visitor to Maui, we would suggest these four things. Go ahead & check them out!

Here’s how to plan a great vacation on Maui

1. Don’t plan too much for your trip to Maui

There is a tendency for visitors to try to do all. the. things. Maui has nearly unlimited outings, adventures, excursions, sights, and experiences. Most travelers say that you should have a minimum of ten days on-island to have a well-balanced experience between food, excursions, and relaxation on the beach. If you’re splitting your vacation up with island hopping, plan at least five days on Maui… and plan to return in the future. Otherwise, the FOMO will be severe as you wave goodbye to our Island home from your little airplane window.

2. Pick a great place to stay on the island

Decide if you are a resort hotel, vacation condo, or sleep-in-a-van person. This will help narrow down your places to stay during your vacation on Maui.

For a safe bet, full refund option and no hidden fees, a great place to start looking is Tropical Bound Condo Rentals. They have beautiful vacation rentals all over Maui, from Kapalua to Makena. Maui Man has been helping clients create amazing vacations for more than 30 years. Tropical Bound Condo Rentals at tropicalbound.com are easy to book. Their condos have great amenities such as nearby restaurants, shopping, beaches, parks, and activities. Some locations include pools, tennis courts, and fully stocked beach closets.

Note: Be wary of booking via sites with individually listed rentals, such as Air BnB, VRBO, etc. – these sites have a higher chance of scam or non-licensed listings, which leaves you vulnerable to losing a great deal of money, when you’re actually trying to maximize your dollar. If you do go that route, make certain the listing has a valid license number displayed within the listing, and, especially in these pandemic times, a full refund policy.

3. Do 3 things during your vacation on Maui

With all the activities to choose from, if your Maui vacation time is limited, we recommend breaking it down into these three areas:

a) something in the air, such as parasailing, helicopter tour, Haleakalā summit, or zipline

b) something on land such as hiking, driving the road to Hana, an ATV tour, and

c) something in or on the water such as snorkeling Molokini, whale-watching, a sunset dinner cruise, or kayaking or surfing lessons.

4. Chill on the beach

While the goal of an island vacation is too relax and unwind, sometimes we can forget to just block out some time to chill. The beaches on Maui are perfect to escape the rigors of real life. Put away the cell phone, grab your beach towel, and enjoy the serene, natural beauty of Maui’s many pristine beaches.

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