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  • January 10, 2022

West Maui Mountains Drive: What and Adventure!

Updated: February 20, 2022

Going on the road to Hana is a wonderful experience. But some people have already crossed that off their bucket list. And more likely, they are craving for more experiences like it. Are you one of those? If you said yes, we recommend another fantastic adventure you could embark on: the West Maui Mountains drive!

Can I drive around West Maui?

While car rental companies do not typically prohibit driving around West Maui in their insurance policy, they might advise against traveling around it with your rental car. The road itself is entirely paved, but it is narrow and winding. And the main problem lies in the fact that it can be difficult to get service if the car breaks down.

However, a West Maui Mountains drive is breathtaking and worth it should you try it out. Some people would even say it’s even better than the Hana Highway. And considering how famous that is, that’s saying a lot! Going on a West Maui Mountains drive, you will see rugged coastlines and beautiful beaches that are often uncrowded.

How long does it take to drive around the West Maui Mountains?

Compared to the Road to Hana, this drive is shorter. It can take you a couple of hours if you are driving nonstop. But of course, you would want to appreciate the scenic views that the area offers. Considering the stops you might want to make, the drive can take five to six hours. So make sure you pack some food and water for the trip. 

How do you explore West Maui?

With its incredible sights, a West Maui Mountains drive sounds very tempting, doesn’t it? So if you want to explore this part of Maui, how should you do it? We highly recommend going on a private tour! Driving by yourself with a rental car can be difficult. The narrow and winding road alone can be incredibly challenging. You’ll miss out on the stunning views because you need to pay attention to the road. And like mentioned earlier, it’s hard to get service if your car breaks down. And that’s only if that car rental company lets you drive there with their car in the first place. 

But if you’ll be booking a private tour with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures, for example, you can sit back and focus on your enjoyment as the local guide takes you around west Maui and its exciting spots. We can take you to the Iao Valley State Park, the beautiful Olivine Pools, the lovely Honolua Bay, and many others. Not only that, our 4×4 convertible jeeps are sturdy enough to take you offroad and see west Maui’s hidden gems for a truly unforgettable trip.

West maui mountains drive - hoaloha jeep adventures

Go on a West Maui Mountains Drive

Like the rest of Maui, the West Maui Mountains and their surrounding areas boast many scenic views that are often overlooked. And for tourists who want to sway from the road oft-traveled and get a unique experience, a West Maui Mountains drive is the best way for that. For West Maui tours, Hoaloha Jeep Adventures is the answer. Take a look at our tours here.

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