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  • January 24, 2022

Wondering what to do in Hawaii? Check out these underrated activities!

Updated: February 20, 2022

While well-known attractions in Hawaii deserve their popularity, some lesser-known activities or tours offered throughout the islands also deserve to be experienced by visitors. If you want to know what to do in Hawaii that is unique and equally fun, check out our suggestions below.


Drink sugarcane rum

For many years, sugarcane and the sugar industry shaped Hawaii into becoming a multiculturally diverse place that it is known for today. And even though the last sugar mill closed back in 2016, tourists can still have a taste of that history. 

There’s a distiller on O’ahu that grows more than 30 variants of native Hawaiian sugarcane to turn it into delicious rum. Unlike most rum in the market made of molasses, these are made of pure sugarcane. They also include a tour where you can witness their process of making it.


Discover taro and other local food

What’s a better way to immerse yourself in a place by trying out the local food! For example, in Kauai, Hawaii, familial and cultural history blends together at one of Hawaii’s last rice mills. In the Haraguchi rice mill, they cultivate this Hawaiian diet staple that’s even referenced in the Hawaiian creation story. You can go on a tour of the farm or sample their fresh taro-based delicacies like kalua pork or kulolo, a pudding-like dessert made of taro and coconut. 

If you’re still up for more, the Waipa foundation has a three-hour food tour that takes you on a tasty journey of the Hawaiian ahupu’a or land division marked by natural landscapes and tied to ancient spiritual practices. Make sure to try out the ‘ulu (breadfruit), liliko’i (yellow passion fruit), and the guava.


Go hiking with locals

Why go on a bus tour when you can experience the island more vividly with your feet on the ground? Instead, go on hiking tours led by locals for an immersive experience. Many of these local guides boast an extensive knowledge of the Hawaiian culture and its history, geology, and botany.

Explore Upcountry

In Maui, tourists tend to go to the beaches and enjoy the sunny weather. However, the upcountry region also has beauties of its own. There are beautiful mountain landscapes, a stunning lavender farm, and the quaintness of Kula. Apart from those, upcountry is also the home of Maui’s cowboy culture.

The Big Island

Be a cowboy

But Maui is not the only place that has cowboys. The big island itself also had a cowboy culture, albeit lesser-known. You can spend the night at a historic ranch or go on a horseback tour where you get to ride through one of the oldest ranches in Hawaii. You will be riding through grassy terrain with gorgeous coastal and mountain views. 

Tour the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Aside from being the largest island, Hawaii is also the youngest due to its two active volcanoes: the Kilauea and the Mauna Loa. You can witness any volcanic activity by visiting the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can also hike the lava fields or go on a ride along the Crater Rim Drive. To make things more fun, try to spot the nene geese, the carnivorous caterpillars, or the Hawaiian hawks while you’re there.

what to do in hawaii - hoaloha jeep adventures

So go ahead and add our recommendations above of what to do in Hawaii. We also have another recommendation for when you visit Maui: taking a private jeep tour of the island! With a jeep tour, you can discover hidden Maui gems to make your trip unforgettable. Book one with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures today!

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