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our promises to you


Your safety is our number one priority. We are committed to a safe experience for you and everyone sharing the road with us.


Your comfort is critical in order for you to fully enjoy the breathtaking scenery and historical significances of your tour.


Your enjoyment can only happen when you feel safe and are comfortable.

Our Promise to Being Pono

  • Pull Over for Locals
  • No Stopping on Bridges
  • Don't Park Illegally
  • Don't Trespass

our promises in action

  • We follow all traffic laws and drive in a courteous “aloha” manner.
  • We support local businesses by stopping for lunch, refreshments, and souvenirs.
  • We collect trash we find during our tours.
  • We educate you about Maui’s fragile ecosystem and sensitive cultural issues.
  • We respect the island wildlife and share how you can protect their habitat.
  • We answer your questions as truthfully as we can. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you.

Hoaloha Jeep Adventures reserve the right to end a tour based any action(s) deemed unsafe or inappropriate from an unruly guest. No refund will the issued once the tour guide has decided the tour can no longer continue.

The term “unruly guest” refers to any passenger who fails to show respect to their tour guide, fellow guests and/or community resident. rules of conduct while on refuses to follow the instructions of their tour guide.

Unsafe or inappropriate action(s) may include but not limited to disrespectful behavior shown to the tour guide, persistent vulgar or racists language, or refusing to adhere to the safety instructions from their tour guide, such as trespassing on private property, desecration on natural or sacred sites, and any unsafe or erratic behavior.

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